• Alternatives to smoking medical cannabis products.

  • Smoking any material is not healthy.

  • Learn new safer, cleaner, and more effective ways to consume your medical cannabis.

  • Learn about consuming cannabis by vaporizing, ingesting delicious edibles, and cannabis concentrates.

  • Learn about the history and conflicts in Hawaii's medical cannabis laws.

  • It can be easy, beneficial, and cost effective to learn new delivery methods for your medical marijuana.

Our "Alternatives to smoking medical cannabis products" class gives you an overview of a wide range of methods to consume your medical cannabis. Smoking any material is not healthy. Registered medical cannabis patients can choose the delivery method that works best to treat their particular medical condition. A primary caregiver may help a medical cannabis patient cultivate and ingest their medicine.

Smoking cannabis is so prevalent in our society, as a mild recreational intoxicant, sometimes patients don't realize that there are many other methods to consume their medical cannabis that are more healthy, will treat their condition better, and may be consumed in standardized doses.

In our "Alternatives to smoking medical cannabis products" class you will learn the step-by-step procedures of various cannabis ingesting methods. You will learn that the medical cannabis strain, or strains, that are used, and how the cannabis is processed, determines the medicinal properties of the final medical cannabis product.

Brian Murphy, director of Concentrated Cannabis Solutions, and Patients Without Time, has thirty years of experience working with medical cannabis patients. He is dedicated to growing education, awareness and research into the health benefits and medicinal applications of medical cannabis. Mr. Murphy will assist you individually to help you discover the best medical cannabis delivery system for you.

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