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  • Construction of your green house or grow room.


  • We will build your medical cannabis greenhouse or grow-room to suit your medical cannabis needs.

  • We have over 30 years of experience learning how to grow and protect valuable medical cannabis plants.

  • A well planned growing facility can greatly increase the yield of your medical cannabis plants.

  • Greenhouses and grow-rooms help protect your medical cannabis plants from insects, diseases, and theft.


Hawaii's medical cannabis patients are allowed to acquire their medicine by growing their own cannabis plants, or having a caregiver grow plants for them. We know it is not easy for most medical cannabis patients to grow their own medicine. Our greenhouses and grow rooms make it easier and more secure for you to grow your medicine.

Growing your medicine in secure growing facilities can increase your peace of mind, and increase the yield of your plants, and can save you money.

We will design and build your greenhouse, or grow-room, from start to finish. We design your grow facility to suit your needs. We consider the number and strains of your plants, the growing conditions in your location, and your budget. We design small simple grow boxes or large elaborate greenhouses that blend harmoniously with your other buildings.

If you are a carpenter and want to build your own grow facility, we have various services available to meet your needs. See our, How to construct a medical cannabis greenhouse class, or contact us for a consultation.

It is heartwarming to see the satisfaction on medical cannabis patient's faces when they successfully harvest their first medicinal herbal cannabis plant.

Our resident expert, Brian Murphy, director of Patients Without Time and Concentrated Cannabis Solutions, is our professional consultant and will provide you with the design details and the cost estimate for the construction of your greenhouse.


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