Private consultation for medical cannabis related issues.

  • CCS offers private consultations for adults who prefer confidential meetings.

  • CCS can answer your questions and/or refer you to other resources for medical marijuana related services.

  • CCS provides information gathered by decades of experience regarding medical marijuana issues.

  • CCS does not provide legal advice, or medical advice, or access to any form of marijuana.

Our "Private consultation for medical cannabis related issues" service is available all to adults (blue card is not required) that would like more information regarding medical marijuana issues. Consultations are provided in a private and confidential meeting.

Growing medical marijuana can be difficult, especially for patients trying to cope with serious illnesses. You must spend your own time, effort, and money to grow your own medicine. You probably do have many questions and concerns about how to grow your medical marijuana. If you are confused, don't worry. We can help with a wide range of information and/or referrals to additional resources.

CCS understands that Maui's medical marijuana patients are confused by the conflicts in Hawaii's marijuana laws. Negative stereotyping of marijuana patients often make medical marijuana patients eager to remain anonymous. The Maui Police department's campaign against medical marijuana laws intimidates patients. Marijuana plants have a street value of hundreds of dollars per plant, but fear and confusion often cause the theft of marijuana plants to go unreported.

Brian Murphy, director of Concentrated Cannabis Solutions and Patients Without Time, has over ten years experience helping Maui's medical marijuana patients grow their medicine, and over thirty years of dedicated work growing education, awareness and research into the health benefits and medicinal applications of medical cannabis.

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