• Super-cropping techniques to maximize cannabis productivity.

  • Hawaii law makes it necessary for Hawaii's medical cannabis patients to grow their medicine.

  • Learn how to maximize the yield of your medical cannabis plants.

  • Learn the techniques for super-cropping medical cannabis.

  • It can be easy and rewarding to grow your medicine with the right knowledge.

Our "Super-cropping techniques to maximize cannabis productivity"" class will teach you super-cropping techniques that greatly increase the natural yield of your medical cannabis plants. Hawaii law limits the amount of plants you can grow at one time to seven plants at various stages of development. A primary caregiver may help a medical cannabis patient cultivate and ingest their medicine.

Hawaii's limit on medical cannabis plants makes it necessary for Hawaii's medical cannabis patients, or their caregiver, to grow healthy, productive plants. Growing healthy and abundant medical cannabis plants is vital to maintaining an adequate supply of medicine.

We know it is not easy for most medical cannabis patients to grow their own medicine. Fortunately, super-cropping techniques are easy to learn and will increase the amount of medical mcannabis that you can harvest from each plant. You will learn the step-by-step procedures to increase the natural yield. Medical cannabis patients have a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when they successfully harvest their first medicinal herbal cannabis plant.

Brian Murphy, director of Concentrated Cannabis Solutions and Patients Without Time, has over ten years experience helping Maui's medical cannabis patients, and decades of dedicated work growing education, awareness and research into the health benefits of cannabis, and the best growing techniques for producing medical cannabis products.


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