"Trash to Stash" workshop. Processing trim into medical cannabis.

  • This class is only available to adults that are registered Hawaii medical cannabis patients, or their caregiver.

  • Growing medical cannabis includes trimming many leaves, which are usually discarded.

  • Learn to transform low quality leaf material into concentrated standardized dose medical cannabis products.

  • Optimizing yield is vital to maintain an adequate supply, because of Hawaii's limit of 7 plants.

  • Learn that parts of the cannabis plant have different chemical components, such as CBN, THC and CBD.

  • Learn to utilize your trimmings to create a concentrate that is specifically designed to treat you.

Hawaii's medical cannabis laws make it necessary for Hawaii's medical cannabis patients, or their caregiver, to grow their medical cannabis because there is no legal way to purchase your medicine. Therefore, growing large healthy medical cannabis plants is vital to maintaining an adequate supply of medicine.

Hawaii law limits the amount of plants you can grow at one time to seven plants, at various stages of development. In our "Trash to Stash" workshop you will learn techniques that will increase the amount of medical cannabis that you can harvest from each plant. A primary caregiver may help a medical cannabis patient cultivate and ingest their medicine.

Our "Trash to Stash" workshop class will teach you how to transform cannabis leaves, which are often discarded, into valuable standard dose medical cannabis products. The "trim" leaves from medical cannabis plants contain a very different set of chemical components than the bud. However, the leaves contain various chemicals that we process into concentrates. Patients can then create their own concentrates, which are the most beneficial to them.

You will learn step-by-step procedures to increase the natural yield and quality of your medical cannabis. Medical cannabis patients often find it difficult to grow plants. Creating concentrates from your trimmings allows you to create cannabis medicine that you can store for times when growing your medicine is not an option.

Brian Murphy, director of Concentrated Cannabis Solutions and Patients Without Time, has over 20 years experience helping Hawaii's medical cannabis patients, and over 30 years of dedicated work growing education, awareness, and research into the health benefits of cannabis, and the best growing techniques for producing medical cannabis products.



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